This walk runs along the Rideau River all the way to the Ottawa River. The Rideau River recreational pathway is a testament to the green thinking that city planners have sometimes had in Ottawa.  It marks a change from preserved residential greenspace to dedicated recreational pathway.

Begin this walk at the southwest corner of Riverside Drive and Industrial Avenue, and head west on the recreational path. When you reach the intersection, turn right (north) past the bus station, Hurdman Transit Station.  Stay on the pathway, and veer right at the first fork in the path. When you come to the blue building on your right, take the left fork. (If you get lost, remember to turn right when you get to the river.)



Once at the river, head north (right), keeping the river on your left.


At Highway 417, paths intersect:  an old iron pedestrian footpath crosses the river, another leads to the train station, and the Poets’ Pathway continues under the highway.


A great deal of thought has gone into the landscaping of this pathway. The careful locating of park benches along the river means that each area provides an opportunity for reflection, should you wish it. The most common spot for a rest is where two benches sit near a large tennis club.

Happily, many people in Ottawa care about Ottawa’s wildlife. When I took the photo of the crane (below), there was commotion amongst the passersby over three very large carp thrashing in the river.  

Ottawa’s royal swans are almost always to be seen on the path in the summer.


This lovely walk ends at the bridge on Montreal Road.