This walk begins on Merivale Road at Colonnade Road. A wire fence separates Merivale from the green space on the west. There is an opening in the wire fence where cars or maintenance vehicles can enter, north of Colonnade.

The path here (in 2009) is very well maintained, with tracks smooth enough to ride a bike over. The path for the first half-kilometre veers slowly towards the residential area to the north (right), and many homeowners maintain the area immediately behind their properties. This stretch is great for walking your dog, although there are many rabbits to watch out for.

Once you reach the opening to the neighbourhood to the north, which is a path between two homes, leading to Kingsbury Avenue, take the left path that veers to the south.
This path leads to an electrical station with high towers.
Watch for a fork in the path where you will go right. (The bicycle is lying on the path you should follow.)
This new, less-trodden path will take you through a wonderful forest of low-growing trees.
Here the path is well maintained, quite wide and usually fairly dry.
The path continues for about a kilometre before opening into another meadow before Woodroffe Avenue. This stretch of the path is reminiscent of the Alta Vista greenspace or McCarthy Meadow, in that the quiet peacefulness of the area makes you feel that you’ve escaped to the country, despite being in the middle of the city.
As you approach Woodroffe Avenue, the path veers to the right and exits the green space on to Norice Street. Go left on Norice Street to the traffic light, cross Woodroffe, and continue on the recreational pathway.

The Poets’ Pathway has been going west, and now turns north. When you enter this pathway, therefore, take the dirt path that presents itself about 50 meters west of Woodroffe.

The path continues into a little haven of woods near the Centrepointe neighbourhood

Early this year (2009) our path was bulldozed to make way for the new library being built across from Algonquin College, so continuing the Poets’ Pathway through here will be an interesting challenge

For now, keep to the green space that goes along Woodroffe Avenue, or walk on the sidewalk, or ride on the dedicated bicycle lane.

(Tallwood Drive crosses the greenspace which ends at the OC Transpo Station.)

This is the view south from Tallwood.
Continue behind the parking lot until you reach the Centrepointe skate park. A recreational path connects the park to the Pinecrest Creek Pathway. The walk ends here.