The leg of the Poets’ Pathway that runs along Nepean Creek is one of the most picturesque parts of the whole pathway. There are wonderful man-made ponds, like those found along the Airport Parkway stretch of the pathway.
If you are accessing the path from the east side, at Prince of Wales Drive, look for this sign
Just to the North of it you will see a gate that is usually open.
The dirt path is not very well trodden, and passes over a small stone bridge. It eventually turns into a dirt road and finally the recreational pathway that follows ...
...Nepean Creek
Once you are on the recreational pathway, stay to the right as the path curves around a recent subdivision.
From here until the T in the path near Merivale Road, the path is very clear. There are several comfortable benches to sit on near the creek, and open fields to be seen.
There is also a crossing into the Carleton Heights neighborhood at two large boulders (hopefully a future Murmur or plaque site for the Poets’ Pathway).
Four paths meet just before the turn left to get to Colonnade. Take the second right.
When the path does come to a T, go left (south) to Colonnade Road, then right (west) to Merivale Road, where the next stretch of the path begins.