The Bank Street Bridge crosses the railway tracks east of Home Depot, if you are heading north from Johnston Road. The city has long planned to make a pedestrian throughway under this bridge. The throughway would join this area to the rest of the Poets’ Pathway in the west.

Ledbury Avenue is the road that passes under the Bank Street Bridge. The Banff-Ledbury portion of the Pathway begins just off the curved part of Ledbury Avenue.

If you are coming west along Ledbury Avenue, turn left when it comes to a T, and travel until you arrive at Sawmill Creek. At the apex of this curved road you will see the trailhead on your left.
Sawmill Creek is a beautiful waterway that begins far to the south, and has its own pathway through Blossom Park
You travel this trail into the Ledbury neighbourhood for about 200 meters. Here you will see a quiet area, good for meditation perhaps, complete with a school desk. Later you will see the train crossing at Sawmill Creek. Shortly after that the path veers to the left and out of the woods.
You will arrive at a very large park with playgrounds, and baseball and soccer fields.
As it leaves the park, the path continues east (to the right) past the white wooden fence to the field beyond, and then brings you to a man-made pond and another baseball diamond.
To get to the path, go around the man-made pond by turning left on Albion Road North, then left again on Kitchener Avenue. Turn right at Goldenstar Private, and you will see the path that takes you to the large Marius Rapheau Park, at the corner of Albion Road North and Walkley Road.
After you walk through the baseball field in this park, you will cross Walkley Avenue to the Jim Durrell Arena
Keep to the right of the arena, where you will find an opening in the fence, inviting pedestrians to walk through the greenspace behind Ridgemont and Saint Patrick schools.
This is the path looking South.
This is the path looking North.

The path will take you straight through to Heron Road. Like many parts of the path that go through public parks, there are late-night time constraints which must be observed. These areas are also in use by school children during the day.
This walk ends once you reach Heron Road.  The next walk starts on the other side of Heron Road, quite clearly entering the Alta Vista green space.

(Some Poets’ Pathway history:  The development of this, area from Ledbury to the Alta Vista greenspace was a hotly contested issue between the city and the Greenspace Alliance and Poets’ Pathway groups.  Eventually a large development was built. We are happy that neither the green space along Sawmill Creek, nor the meadow beyond it, has been developed, and that the path that runs between Jasper Avenue and Lilibet Crescent exists - probably because of the hard work of concerned citizens.)