This walk begins near the Ottawa Hospital about 50 metres west of Linda Lane, on the north side of the street. This short path is one of many stretches that preserve the green flow of the path through residential areas.

After you cross Billings Avenue, continue into Billings Park.


It has a children’s play area and a good-sized field.

At the north end of this open area, the path continues quite clearly, with a ten-meter wide path that winds its way through to Smyth Road.


This stretch, backed onto by a residential area to the west, is wooded to the east, and is wet in the spring. The green space that is Poets’ Pathway, running through the Ottawa General Hospital campus, actually begins with no path, because there are so many paved ways to walk around it and through the hospital.

The path continues across Smyth Road directly from where the path ends to the south. There is no traffic light to cross the road by here, so you should turn right, and go to the lights where it is safe to cross.

Continue straight towards the main entrance of the General Hospital, but stay to the left, and follow the path adjacent to the forest. When you come to this bench, you can choose to stay on the path as it veers to the right, ...
... or you can walk on the grass past a small wooded area, and up the grassy hill to the Butterfly Garden.
(If you stayed on the path through the grounds, you can also arrive at this lovely area, if you keep an eye out for the little hill with the switchback and stone wall.)
The Butterfly Garden and the Cancer Survivors Park (further along) are gems along this stretch of the route that help to make up for the fact that some of the area has been lost to development.  
Once you have enjoyed the ...

...Butterfly Garden, take the little switchback path, then turn right and continue on the path until you arrive at the large parking area at the north end of the grounds.

Walk across the crosswalk here and find the line of trees that separates the lots. If you follow the line that the trees make across the road and up the small hill, you will find the Hydro right of way on the other side.

Once you reach the bottom of this steep hill you will find a dirt path. Take this to the right for about 200 meters, passing through a fence and traveling on the Hydro right of way.

Before you arrive at Balena Park, you will see a walkway that joins the hospital complex with the Riverview Park neighborhood. This walkway lets you out onto Station Boulevard.

Follow Station Boulevard to Coronation Park. Turn to the right where the park begins, and follow the dirt path into the forest. Take the first left turn that comes up and this path will take you north through the park, to Coronation Avenue. Turn left here, then turn right at Neighbourhood Way. You will see a path running north that will take you to Alta Vista Drive.

Cross Alta Vista Drive. On the other side of Alta Vista you will find Cancer Survivors Park.

This inspiring park has wonderful sculptures, brilliant landscaping, and plaques which describe the cancer experience and give advice for getting through it. This is the end of this walk.

The next walk begins past Hurdman Station and travels north along the Rideau River.